Readers Reviews

“Very likable characters starting on a journey of self discovery. Great read for all the seekers out there.”

— Michael - Australia

“A moving piece of work that explains profound spiritual philosophy so simply and elegantly. Looking forward to the next instalments! Would love an audio book version that would serve as an exceptional guided meditation practice.”

— Ruta - United Kingdom

“Enquire Within is both a wonderful story and an insightful journey into self awareness. As a person who has an interest in eastern philosophy I am certainly at a beginners level.
This book effectively combines an engaging story line with believable characters whose interactions demonstrate all human challenges successes, joys and tensions.
Set against a backdrop of amazing sophisticated eastern philosophy and meditation practices, the book is certainly recommended to all readers.
An inspiring and engaging read!”

— John - Australia

“Enquire Within – Ascending takes the reader on a compelling journey as it explores both the inner and outer lives of participants on a Yoga of Self-Enquiry retreat at a yoga ashram. Set amongst unspoiled beauty in the Australian hinterland, the ashram offers a safe space for aspirants to begin or continue their inner journey as they seek to bring understanding and harmony into their daily lives. Under the compassionate guidance of their teacher, Rupananda, the 'students are led towards their own personal experience and understanding of the deeper truths and insights being explored. With clarity and openness, Rupananda powerfully shares her own experience of the yogic techniques of self-discovery, allowing the reader to access deeper insights into human nature. It was easy to relate to the characters' individual journeys of self-discovery. Their quest for living a life of positivity, creativity, and purpose is one shared by us all. This highly readable narrative will be enjoyed by those wishing to know and understand themselves on a deeper level and by anyone searching for some meaning in their lives.”

— Christine - Australia

“Jessica lives a quiet life with her husband and son on a property in NSW. She’s begun to feel unsettled and some tension between her and her husband. She’s invited to lead a forum on yoga and self-enquiry at an ashram and despite feeling reluctant she accepts, as she thinks some time away might be beneficial.
The forum attendees are an interesting and eclectic mix and each has different reasons for being there, which are revealed over the course of the weekend. As Jessica – who becomes Rupananda once she arrives at the ashram – delves deep into the theory of self-enquiry with these people, she finds herself reflecting on her relationship with her husband and becomes increasingly unsettled.
As I have barely any knowledge of yoga and none of self-enquiry, I found Enquire Within: Ascending an interesting and eye-opening story. It’s also tender and moving, as the characters face their troubles and fears, with Rupananda’s encouragement and support. The vivid descriptions of the ashram and its surroundings make you feel like you’re there and are an attendee at the forum. A thought-provoking story that is just the beginning of Jessica’s journey.”

— Sally - Australia

“After living several decades in an Indian yoga ashram I have an abiding interest in anything written about the great enquiry within. So, what did I find in this book?

It’s written in a clear, friendly and inviting manner and well worth the read for those interested in exploring their own inner realms.

The characters aspire to raise themselves above petty mindedness. And there is much that readers who have already peaked inside their own minds will identify with.

The protagonist is a young woman who’s engaging personality is described through the profound insights she discusses during her weekend retreat at a yoga ashram. She’s a woman immersed in the highest yogic teachings of self-enquiry, with an extraordinary gift to unveil knowledge of deep insights into human nature.

The story is packed with insightful, powerful and practical knowledge on how to face life in a positive, uplifting and creative manner. And its characters easily relate the spiritual journey into everyday life in modern society.

It’s an excellent introduction to the classical paths of yogic science and related ancient philosophies. It makes the journey to self-enquiry feel real and accessible and is flavoured with touches of the mystical realm through the protagonist’s profound experiences and interactions with her guru.

The yogic techniques scattered through the book have their basis in the ancient yogic texts handed down from guru to disciple, including methods to attain the essential stance of the ‘witness’. That unique and innate human quality which opens the potential into the depths of spiritual enquiry.

Yes, indeed, there is a lot the reader could get from this story of self-enquiry. I’ve dog eared many pages, containing phrases that have touched my heart.”

— Nirmal - Australia